Sunday, February 03, 2008

A few more fun pics at winter time.

Back row: Alvin & my brother in law, Adam
Middle: myself, my sister Rebecca and my sister Terra
Front row: Aiden, Kennedy, Noellie and my sister's twins Gracie & Luke

As many of you know my niece went home to be with the Lord recently, she was almost 3 years old. Many in our extended family are still wondering why such a thing would happen.
As for the Sturla / Colston / Chez households, we know that His ways are higher than ours, Is. 55:9. Maybe part of His reasoning for taking little Gracie home was to allow her mom and dad’s faith in the Lord to be put on display. Many in Gracie’s family don’t know Jesus. Read this Blog that went out to family and friends from my sister and brother in law, Gracie’s Mom and Dad. Pray with us that their faith continues to strengthen and that the Lord would see fit to save some of Gracie’s lost family so that they too could know the comfort of a Sovereign Lord.
Thank You for your prayers.
Alvin & Jenny

It has been a week since Gracie's memorial service. We tried to get away to be around different surroundings, but the heartache is all the same. We have not had a chance to thank all of you that attended the service, we appreciate it more than you know. We hope it touched your heart. We know there were many of you that were unable to attend but your hearts were with us, thank you. The initial shock of Gracie going home to be with the Lord is starting to settle in, with it has come extremely difficult emotions of missing her so very much. Our hearts continue to ache not only for us but for Luke as well. As many of you know, Luke and Gracie had such an amazing bond. Luke continued to ask for Gracie and even though the doctors always created a tantrum for Luke, he was desperate to go to the doctors because he thought that is where his Gracie was. He would say, " Mommy I don't feel good, I need to go to the doctors and see Gracie." It broke my heart and I continued to let him know Gracie is not at the doctors, that she is in heaven with Jesus and is "dancing around with the angles." Saturday night Luke and I were laying down watching Gracie's video and for the first time, he said "mommy, Gracie's in heaven with the angles?" I said yes sweetie, he has not asked for her since that day. The only thing he does now, is bring up her name in certain situations. Before we left, we went to get shoes for the snow, and Luke was upset because I was not getting Gracie her pink shoes. Yesterday he was coloring and wanted Daddy to put aside the pink and purple crayons for Gracie. Moments like these continue to tug at our heart, but we are thankful for Luke's innocent age and pray that the Lord gives us the strength and wisdom in always keeping Gracie's heart with Luke's, and comforting him with the truth.
Our hearts are broken and the ache for Gracie seems to be stronger each day. Gracie's love, laughter, singing, dancing and silly comments are so desperately missed.
Although we have all these feelings, we continue to find comfort in God's word and knowing that Gracie is in a much better place. Our little minds still cannot completely understand the plans God has for us, but our trust in him remains the same. God's word is the only way to find comfort, so we continue to rest on him daily and pray for his guidance.
We can not thank all of you enough for your continued support and tireless prayers. We not only find our strength through God, but through our friends and family as well.
Our daily prayer is that God gives us the strength to get through each day and the peace of knowing he is in complete control and will carry us through this time.
Thank you for checking in,
All our love,
The Chez Family