Monday, March 24, 2008




Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well...just about a week later and the fish is belly up! eeww!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fun pics to come... but first some funnies.
The other day I was in my bedroom putting laundry away and the kids were watching a video. I walk into the kitchen and i hear tic tic tic, then i notice the bag of bread on the counter. I look in the toaster and sure enough it's on. i say to the kids, "uh whose making toast"? Aiden smiles big and says, "I am"... Funny guy. Of course mom got it out and buttered it for him. His fave snack lately is cinnamon/sugar toast.

One night this week Alvin shaved all his facial hair. The kids have never seen him without it. The next morning Kennedy comes into our bed and when she wakes up she looks at Alvin and in all seriousness she says, "mom who is that? Who is that"? It took us a minute to know why she was saying that and i said, "It's Daddy"! We were cracking up!

This one is not so funny but worth mentioning...
I go out into the living room one morning and the floor is wet, then i notice quite a bit of water. i start scanning the room and see the small plastic fish bowl on the ground-EMPTY! I freeze for fear of stepping on the slimy squishy thing and spot it right in front of me. I just called for Alvin and he came out and told Aiden to get some tissue and pick it up and put it in the toilet. Being all boy Aiden happily obliged. He started to get it and it moved. Now you have Kennedy crying over her fish and me yelling "stop it's moving". (I don't think the chaos in those Cheaper By The Dozen movies is such an exaggeration). We quickly get water in the bowl and Alvin puts the fish back. Yes, i was sanitizing everything that day! Kennedy stopped crying but asked me all day if the fish was coughing...(I think she got this idea from Finding Nemo?) That was about 3 days ago and the fish is ok, with the exception of a slight twitch in her swim. We have come to the conclusion that Noelle was responsible for this excitement.