Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm singing along to one of the many great songs from The Desperation Band...The lyrics go,
"I would run for a thousand years if I knew every step would be getting me closer, I would swim to the ocean floor for my Lord is the treasure".
Enter conviction-i know being in God's word would get me closer to God (to use the same words as the lyrics), yet I forsake that privilege much too often. It takes little sacrifice to be in God's word. Maybe a sacrifice of sleep or a tv show. Would I really run a thousand years? Now, I totally understand lyrical value-no one could really run for a thousand years-however am I striving-which is the picture here-to know the Lord more, seeking Him through His word? Or is my heart's real treasure an extra 30 minutes of sleep each day?
Did anyone say repentance is easy?